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North Portland Santacon 2008
North Portland Santacon 2008
Taken On December 6, 2008 at 2.23pm PST
Photo By Squid Vicious

As, you probably know, Santacon was in Portland Saturday (as was Anticon). As always, Squid Vicious got a lot of great pics (set here), and sent over the following message about the North Portland Santacon (I mean anticon):

It started out slow but that could of been because everyone was arriving by max. Last years downtown Santacon had a buzz about it, and it was a crazy buzz. This years NorthPDX Santacon had some very familliar faces along with a friend feel to it. The crowd was a couple hundred deep and everyone liked being in a different part Portland.

Several more Santacon pictures and reports after the jump…

But First the a little bit of the twitter rundown:

From Crystal Beasley (aka @Skinny):

No more “tweets” from Crystal after that, so we will just assume she got really drunk and lost her phone/camera.
From Rocket (NSFW) (aka @RocketIsRad):
  • @PdxPipeline I gave dances to a Santacon Santa last night! YAY! (this sounds better than milk & cookies)
  • Cat's out of the bag at this point. So I can admit: Hillsboro was a total fake. All the old-school Cacos knew. Some went anyway just for fun
  • May still actually rock just because of the directionlessness. Downtown really was a trap. NoPo really was real. & Santa really is invisible
  • Huge heap of exhausted people in the moonbounce. Life is good.
  • Party last night refused to die down. All kinda of awesome but it means I missed the AntiCon. But . . . girls in a moonbounce!
Dave also sent this over to @pdxpipeline in a “directmessage”
Quick guide: NoPo = AntiCon. Downtown = Santa Pub Crawl. Hillsboro = Caco Prank. Santacon = another date entirely, but secret

Now, more Santacon Pictures and stories….

2008 Santacon, Downtown, Portland, Oregon
Downtown SantaCon
Portland, Oregon
Taken on December 6, 2008 at 1.32pm PST
Photo By Hardlinejoe (more here)

From Hardlinejoe:

I was at the Downtown SantaCon, all my pictures were taken around Skidmore Fountain-I had to leave before the bar crawl got underway. At first there were only a handful Santas (photographers outnumbered the Santas), even as noon approached, it looked like it might be a wash. Fortunately, after a couple Max's came through, the group had grown to about 30 Santas. There was no law enforcement present that I saw (at Skidmore), the crowd seemed relatively tame compared to what I'd heard about previous years.

Santacon, Portland, Oregon
Santacon Portland, 2008
Downtown PDX
Photo By tim goodspeed

From Tim:

I went to the downtown con. I was there from about 11:30 to 5:00. Only about a quarter to one-third of the turnout from last year. I did not see any trouble with the police or city authorities. I would say there were about 150 Santas

one way to get drunk fast
one way to get drunk fast
Downtown Santacon 2008
SW 3rd, Portland, Oregon
December 6, 2008 at 1.44pm PST
Photo By jahat

Santa boobs
Santa boobs
Santacon 2008
Downtown Portland, Oregon
Photo By i5prof

gumanow fill us in about the Festivities:

This is “gumanow” here writing for i5prof. She asked that I write this. My photos are film and are drying in my basement as we speak and will be forthcoming. i5prof is digital and has just a few of them up now.

About the festivities:
We went to the Santacon in downtown Portland. Meeting time was noon and at noon there were four Santas tops. We met there with several other flickr friends; Tim Goodspeed, Model337, The Raisins, jahat and Whoopicat. At first we thought we might out number the Santas and grew worried that maybe the REAL event was the one in Hillsboro. Santas started showing up in real numbers around 12:20. About 75 in total at the outset. No visits by renegade bunnies or Jesus figures this year to our dismay, at least not at the downtown festivities. Several Santas could be seen making phone calls to other Santas to let them know about the current conditions. One Santa that I spoke with said he was texting Santa in Hillsboro, conditions there were sparse, and told Santa to come downtown.


Photo By gumanow

Several troubles but not with the authorities this year. No police showed up this year, not even on bicycles. Hopefully this had something to do with our hip mayor, Sam Adams… Patriot / Brewer! Several bars didn't want Santa's business this year. This caused confusion and lots of wandering around. I'm convinced that Santa is Jewish now... this band of Santas would have wandered the streets of Portland for 40 years to find beer if they had too! By this time I would estimate a crowd of closer to 150.

Several Santas were dancing and jiving to the Dylan tunes blasted out by “Leftie,” a regular Dylanesque performing at Saturday market. One Santa bumped into Leftie to which Leftie gave a shove back. Lump of coal for Leftie this year. Sorry Leftie, but you just can't bump Santa back like that. Take it like a man! Highlight at the outset… Hugh Hefner showed up in red-robe with playmate in garter and stockings with high black boots, and of course the Jewish Santa complete with Star of David and payes (long sideburns for you goyim out there).

Waterholes with those that we hung out with were The Greek Cuisina, Kelly's Olympian. MoMo's was closed upon arriving. The Greek party was upstairs and the aroma of pot could be smelled upon entry. Lot's of drinking of course. Kelly's was serving up $2.75 Miller Drafts. Several Santas and Slutty Santas Helpers were happy with that. Shots of whiskey could be had from spray bottles. I enjoyed a few shots myself.

I'm definitely going to be Santa next year! I hope NoPo and Hillsbillyboro had as good a time.

Let's Go Home
Let's Go Home
Trimet Bus, Portland, Oregon
Taken on December 6, 2008 at 7.51pm PST
Photo By The Spinosaurus

From The Spinosaurus:

My wife and I took the bus downtown to do a little imaginary holiday shopping (we have no money to do any actual shopping) and we ran smack into about 500 Santas. That's pretty much it. We joined them for a couple of blocks, and then the group started to splinter up so we continued on our way, leaving the Santas to fend for themselves.

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From Julian: Thanks to all of you who added pictures to the PDXPipeline group and sent this information over. Clicking any of the names above or going to the pipeline group will lead you many, many more great Santacone picutes

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0 Responses to 2008 Portland Santacon Pictures & Updates | Daily Stank Image Bank

  1. Santa Amir December 7, 2008 at 7:42 pm #

    I had a great time, I think we should go this coming weekend too lol

  2. spenard santa December 8, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    thanx pdx santas the spenardsanta had a blast

  3. Santoid December 8, 2008 at 9:19 pm #

    What a blast! Thanks for the Anticon, NoPo, it was great to have a pub crawl. I’m almost glad the “Offical Santacon” jerks decided to try to lure me out to Hillsboro.

  4. Samantha Shoop December 9, 2008 at 10:56 am #

    Had a great time!!! Thanks Santa’s!!! Hey I know that this is a long shot- however I lost a silver sony digital camera either at Blitz or Boxes at the downtown Santacon, if anyone found it please let me know!!! Thanks so much!!!

  5. Santa Amir December 9, 2008 at 12:21 pm #

    I just want to know how many random chicks grabbed my ass

  6. Vixen December 10, 2008 at 1:59 pm #

    Hey PDX! Downtown Santacon was awesome! I was the lone reindeer parading as Vixen from DC – if I met you – or you just wanna hook up next time I’m out west or when you come east – find me! moocha portland love!

  7. mardi smith December 12, 2008 at 2:14 pm #

    Hey, I’ve been lookin’ for you guys. I’d like to hold a Santacon event next Nov. in Keizer, Oregon as a fund raiser for Union Gospel Mission. This year we called it “The Santa Cause Bowl” and for 3 cans of food we reduced the price of the shoe rental. The lanes donated $1 for every $11 bowling package towards UGM food/shelter needs. I think it’d be a hoot to have so many Santa’s in one spot. Can you help? Send me a contact. I am planning this eent again for 2009.

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