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Tree Lighting- Portland, OR
(Christmas / Holiday) Tree Lighting
Pioneer Courthouse Square
Portland, Oregon
Taken on November 28, 2008
Photo By Chris Lae

A message from Chris about the lighting ( plus another picture and video):

This event is held every year at Portland’s Living Room, Pioneer Square. Every year different companies sponsor it. This year my wife’s company, Globe Lighting, was one of the sponsors. They happen to have an extra VIP pass for me, so I was able to get up top by Starbucks which was were the VIP area was. From up there I was able to get some pretty good pix of the whole event.

I myself got there around 4pm and the place was packed…I’m gonna say around a couple thousand. Maybe more. The music and guest speakers started about 5ish and the whole thing was said and done at a little after 6pm

The Switch Has Been Flipped
The Switch Has Been Flipped
Tree Lighting Ceremony, Portland OR
First time for this, wanted to do some timelapse but I grossly “misunderestimated” how many people would be there.
Photo By Andrew Curtis

Video of the lighting by martinsj1 here and here

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  1. pw December 3, 2008 at 9:23 pm #

    The Portland tree looks boring, as always! How about some color, how about some decorations! Let’s make this tree and the lighting ceremony as magical as it could/should be.

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