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Voicebox, Private Portland Karaoke | Daily Stank Image Bank

VoiceBox, Portland Karaoke
Scott Simon, owner
Voicebox Karaoke (
2112 NW Hoyt St
Portland, OR 97210
Taken on November 6, 2008
Photo By GeoffK

Voicebox has its official opening this Friday, November 14th. Last Thursday, I made it over to the “soft opening” with Johnny Cash singing UrbanDrinks, Cyborg Anthropolgist Amber Case, and Hockey Allstar Scott Fish–and yeah–it was a lot of fun. I've been to Karaoke in Asia and I really appreciate the private rooms. Don't get me wrong Chopsticks KaraokeI still love you.

Yet, it was nice to be in a private room and know that I wouldn't have to take out a loan to pay off the KJ or arrive at 7:15 to get a song in on a weekend night. Plus, the intimacy of being with your group of friends (and possibly a few new ones) is hard to come by in a bar with 100 people vying for the Mic.

GeoffK from OnPdx was also there and wrote about it last weekend:

Voicebox Karaoke – A Fantastic Addtion to Portland's Nightlife

Karaoke is very popular in Portland, and as a result some find it very difficult to get up and belt out their favorite tunes in front of so many people.

Enter Voicebox, a brand new Karaoke ‘complex' which just opened near NW 21st (2112 NW Hoyt St). Rather than a traditional Karaoke bar, Voicebox is divided up into six private rooms. Each room has the capacity for a different number of people (as few as 2 and as many as 24) and has its own private karaoke system.

Voicebox's systems are all high end, with Samsung flat screen TVs and…Read more at

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  1. Will Radik November 16, 2008 at 17:18 #

    Machines will never replace us!
    Will Radik (thurs night kj at chopsticks)

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