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Waiting for my turn
Waiting for my turn
Bishop's Barbershop (
2132 Ne Alberta St, Portland, OR
Taken on November 8, 2008
Photo By Brewcaster (

I've never had a haircut at Bishop's, but the sight of that champagne does make me think twice about betraying my $10/cut neighborhood shop. From Citysearch/Google:

Great cut, free beer!

06/27/2008 Posted by thespasecretshopper

I am newish to town and still unemployed. I decided to try Bishops because it was hip, yet AFFORDABLE. I walked in mid-afternoon, mid-week, and was surprised to find a 45mim-1hr. wait. Lucky, for them, I have no life and was OK with waiting. The frosty High-Life offered to me made the wait much more bare-able, and

I looks like Bishops is expanding out of Portland. From the Oregonian:

Bishops Barbershop owner hopes to take his funky-Portland-style business national

by Amy Hsuan, The Oregonian

Bishops Barbershops — known for cheap cuts, no appointments and a street-style vibe — has thrived, raking in $3.6 million this year at its six locations. Customers wait, sometimes up to an hour, to get clipped, colored or conditioned, lured by the company's edgy marketing scheme and its ploy of free beer.

But now, having conquered Portland, Rivera wants Bishops to become the city's next national brand. And he's going to do it by using the f-word: franchising…continue story here

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  1. Chris Faulkner November 10, 2008 at 2:45 pm #

    Wait, the beer is free?!

    I’ve gone there a few times and always turned down the beer because I figured it was overpriced. Damnit.

    Still, it has always been kind of hit-or-miss at Bishop’s for me. Sometimes I get a meticulous person determined to get my hair just right, and other times it feels like they’re just hacking as fast as they can to get me out of there.

  2. brewcaster November 10, 2008 at 3:24 pm #

    yup, free.

    True about the consistency, but that is part of the allure for me. Who knows how it will look!

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