Night of Mayhem @ Nemo Design Halloween Party

Nemo Design
Parties were thrown all over Portland Friday night for Halloween and the only place to be was Nemo Design for their annual Halloween bash. This year's theme "Night of Mayhem" was off the charts. I arrived as a sailing "What About Bob" and immediately jumped in line, which quickly mimicked a Mardi Gras street parade. Music, lots of pictures and even more fantastic costumes were overtaking the S.E. Belmont location.

While I inched my way inside with Janis Joplin, a Jive Hippy and a few members of "Mad Max" we couldn't help but be entertained with the OrkinMan spraying people left and right, Evel Knievel limping along with his cane snapping photos of everyone and of course a smooth looking Magnum P.I.
After making it inside we were greeted with two stiff bars, the Blues brothers controlling the professional photo booth (all complimentary), Vanna White with Pat Sajak, a hand-standing clown, a couple of sexy (and possible VPILF) Sarah Palins, and the 80's band Devo.

Walking through the cobwebbed hall, passing by Cobra Commander sharing a hug with the artist formerly known as Prince, and the Tapatio guy macking on Pocahontas we finally came to the famous "White room", where two DJ's rocked the night with beats that kept everyone on their feet, hands and paws.

Nemo Design
If you were hungry you could find the human Chinese Take-out, grab the life-sized box of Junior Mints or follow Winnie The Pooh for some honey. No woman can resist a man who looks good in a Speedo, and gold medal Olympian Michael Phelps did just that.

If you want to check pics out for yourself you can view them at[email protected]/. My advice is to start early (they only allow 500 people), and make it the only stop of the evening. Without an RSVP, it doesn't matter if you're with a beautiful topless woman; you're not getting inside.


**Above pictures are from trevoratnemo's buddy icontrevoratnemo's photostream. Many more here

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***From Julian: Thanks to Jackson, new writer at PdxPipeline!. I took the below picture while up at Nemo by the entrance. Even Spiderman had to wait in line…hah…
Spiderman Costume at Nemo Design


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