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Doll Graveyard, Portland Halloween
Doll Graveyard
Concordia Neighborhood, Portland, Oregon
Taken on October 20, 2008
Photo courtesy of Amy Faust by way of Bart King

I asked Bart why Amy hates dolls, and he replied:

The doll graveyard is located in the Concordia neighborhood, on NE Wygant. Amy got the idea by contemplating the innate creepiness of dismembered dolls. She and her daughter then got some mini-tombstones at the Dollar Store, and history was made.

By the way, Amy is Amy Faust of the Mike and Amy Show, a morning radio show on The Wolf.

In addition to the graveyard, she has offered a $50 reward for best Halloween decorations to any of her Concordia neighbors; this is a way to deter the mass exodus of trick-or-treating carpetbaggers to higher-income regions, e.g., the Alameda Ridge, which is not far south from Concordia. Pretty cool idea.

Best, Bart

A very cool idea indeed, and I had no idea of the Halloween carpetbagger epidemic. I wonder what the Richie Riches of Alameda Ridge give kids thats so much better…gold bricks perhaps? I haven't trick-or-treated in a while, but back in my day we got loose-leaf butterscotch hard candies, and we were happy to have them! If my candy had a razor blade in it, BONUS–free blade.

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  1. Linda Scarlett October 23, 2008 at 10:45 am #

    That is very creepy indeed!!!! Great idea!

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