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Portland Trailbalzer Gear image
Black = White = Red
Location: PdxPopNow (SW Stark & 2nd), Portland, Oregon
Photo By: Andruu's that psykoo babbler

It is only about 3 weeks until the 2008 Portland Trailblazer season opens against the weakness that has become the Sacramento Kings. Looking for some good Blazer blogs to catch you up to speed? Info from “Ball Don't Lie”:

No kidding, this team really does feature a formidable blog lineup

I mean, had you told me a few weeks ago…that I would end up leaving the sublime work of Sean and the OregonLive staff at Blazer Blog out of the Portland triptych, I would have probably asked you just how far down in the polls that McCain/Pawlenty ticket was, and if my beard ever grew in….Read more to find the top blog on our Blazers

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  1. A C September 24, 2008 at 10:59 am #

    Hello. Thanks for using my shot. I’m glad it was able to illustrate this particular post. I’m looking forward to the Blazers pulling through a solid season and having some fun! Hopefully the young crew can inject some hysteric energy! Peace.

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