Watch the Presidential Election & Debates at Living Room Theatre

2008 Presedential Debate, Ole Miss

Portlanders, it's finally arrived (**update). The first presidential election debate is Friday, September 26. I have a feeling there will not be many McCain/Palin (McPain) supporters there. There will comfortable chairs and couches for you and possibly some presidential debate bingo/drinking game action. For instance–every time McCain says the “my friends”, take a drink. Whenever he says “drill“, repeat.

If he says “elitist”, buy your neighbor a drink. Obviously, they are West/Left Coast living, fancy coffee drinking, environment-loving, bike-riding/public-transport using elitists.

If he says “bomb, bomb, Iran“, just take down a whole pitcher. We can all knock down a serious beer bong if Obama finally calls McCain “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire“, or perhaps calls Palin a pig with Lipstick…wait, check that off.

If you have more, please add them in the comments. Info:

Living Room Theaters will be showing all of the US Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates and the final Nov. 4th election results LIVE ON THE BIG SCREEN. The first debate will be moderated by PBS's Jim Lehrer at the University of Mississippi and will focus on foreign policy and national security issues. The dates are:

First presidential debate: Friday, September 26

First vice-presidential debate: Thursday, October 2
Second Presidential debate:
Tuesday, October 7
Third Presidential debate:
Wednesday, October 15
Election night:
Tuesday, November 4

Theatre capacity is limited.
Please reserve to guarantee a seat.
Call 971-222-2005 to RESERVE YOUR SEAT(s)

Living Room® Theaters
341 SW 10th Avenue (corner of Stark St)

Presidential Election Result Watch Parties in Portland here.

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  1. MrColdMiser September 25, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    Excellent idea! Check out this website – bingo cards!

  2. amy September 26, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    Please read about the MultDem Precinct Committee Person who wants to buy bullets for any member of the LGBT community who supported Hillary over Obama during the primaries.

    We are organizing a recall petition, and volunteers to canvas district 4601 would be of great help.

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