Trimet: Please give us streetcars in Southeast Portland!

Bus Line 15-Belmont "Flat Tire"You (Yes, YOU!) can take a survey at Portland Online about the needs and wants of streetcars in Southeast Portland. My personal preference would be foe some nice routes from Southeast<->Northeast. It takes a serious amount more time to go North-South/South-North on this side of Portland. Half the time, you must to ride to the West Siiiide and then come back over–that's BS!. I'd be happy with some more cross-east-town buses, but MAXes are even better.

Anyway, go take the survey and give the East side some lovins. You have to go through three or pages before the survey appears.

NEW: Take the Southeast Portland Streetcar Survey – open through Sept. 15

This survey was developed by the Southeast Portland District Working Group and is designed to help them assess community opinion about potential streetcar corridors in Southeast Portland.

**Picture of my Southeast bus with a flat tire. No flat tires on the Max.

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  1. Adron September 8, 2008 at 2:40 pm #

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder if SE Portland would be willing, neighborhood by neighborhood to do the actual pay split it will cost to get streetcars put into place. Just like they did back in the day (ya know, the 20s and 30s).

    If SE could do that we could push (almost force) TriMet and the city to get streetcars rolling again. I’m just not sure how people would be willing to deal with another $400-500 a year in property tax (or a similar equivalent).

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