August 28: Destination DIY Listening Party | Urban Farming

Just got a message from Julie Sabatier that this will be the last Destination DIY listening part for a while. If you wanted to become a backyard chicken farmer* (who wouldn't?), tonight is your night…Info:
Destination DIY - Urban Farming

Destination DIY: Urban Farming
New episode available August 28 at and via the OPB podcast
Listening Party August 28, 7pm Waypost Coffeeshop, 3120 N Williams Ave.
**New issues of the Destination DIY zine will also be available at the August listening party.**

Destination DIY (formerly DIY, Portland) is a monthly radio show and podcast highlighting revolutionary do-it-yourself projects. Our 31st episode will focus on the delights and challenges of raising plants and animals in the city while holding down a day job.

Host and producer Julie Sabatier will offer listeners a peek into this year's Tour de Coops (, where Portland's backyard chicken farmers reveal the secrets to their success. Sarah Brown and Connor Voss at Diggin' Roots Farm (a CSA) ( will discuss the challenges of raising livestock and vegetables on 2 rented acres plot surrounded on all sides by suburban neighbors. You'll also hear from the folks at Tryon Life Community Farm (, an alternative community and educational farm surrounded by a state park** within Portland city limits. A photo slide show will be available at thanks to photographer Tim LaBarge. (slide-show is very cool-go look!)

*Side Note: I actually did have some backyard/urban chickens in Germany. It's very nice to have fresh eggs all the time, and maintenece/cost is rather low.
**If you haven't been to Tryon Park, you should go now while the weather is still nice. It is one of the best parks in Portland. Info here

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  1. Julie Sabatier August 28, 2008 at 12:11 pm #

    Thanks for posting, Julian! I want to stress that we are only taking a *little* break from the monthly schedule so we can work on some exciting new shows to debut on the radio this fall.

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