July 8: Ra-ta-tat-tat, Ratatat Like That | Holocene

And I never hesitate to…nevermind

Holocene has Ratatat a week from today (edit: less than a week!). This is possibly the best show so far this month in the PDX.


E*Rock – [Live]
DJ Hot Air Balloon

In lieu of the series of exclamation points which could just as easily serve as
notice about this show, we'll try to contain ourselves and tell you a little
something about Ratatat. Internationally known masters of electro rock, they've
been remixed by the likes of YACHT, Copy, and Animal Collective. Animal
Collective's remix of “Mirando” is the first remix, in fact, that they deemed
worthy of putting out under the AC moniker. Touring in support of their latest
album, LP3, the Brooklyn duo is currently heavy into keyboards and live

Joining his brother Evan Mast (E*Vax) of Ratatat is Portland's own E*Rock, the
widely published illustrator and electro mastermind. And don't forget DJ Hot
Air Balloon, aka Steve Schroeder, founder of States Rights Records.

…Holocene website

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  1. adthree July 2, 2008 at 10:11 pm #

    i totally boned on getting tickets, ugh.

    this will be an extremely epic show, my LP3 preorder CD came in the mail today, i guess ill just have to listen to it while thinking about being @ holocene. saw them in hawaii last year and it was awesome.

    to all the people going i hate you, enjoy the concert 2x for me.

  2. Julian Chadwick July 3, 2008 at 12:00 am #


    I know it is not ideal, but you can often hear some of the music from outside the Holocene. And, you might get lucky and be able to get a ticket while hanging out there.

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