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I discovered Melissa Lion's blog (Recovering Californian) earlier this year. It is now in the list of blogs I loyally read. She writes great stories about the life of a formerly evil, SUV-driving Californian who finds redemption, and with enough biking-salvation-in the City of Roses. Like every sinful Californian*, the shock might be killing her.

In April, she (with others) started BackfencePDX. Take a look at El Backfence, especially this story from my air-hockey partner and Kobe/Ginobli-lover, Ainsley Drew (NSFW if you happen to work in one of those places).

Anyway, they are having a party with swimsuit models and crepes and readings of Summer Love. From Melissa Lion:

Back Fence PDX is happening on Thursday, June 19th, at Tour De Crepes on Alberta St. Doors open at 7:30. Six people tell unrehearsed, extemporaneous stories based on the theme, Summer Love: Lying Out and Burning Up. A vintage-inspired swimsuit fashion show with swimsuits provided by Popina Swimwear happens at intermission.

Storytellers include Alison Hallett, Arts Editor of the Mercury; Portland blogger and film critic, Kiala Kazebee and film director, Brian Belefant.

Check out for more info.

Also, Alex Williams says the Backfence Babes are “Hot, Hot, Hot…so, there is a ringing endorsement to go to this show.

* I really don't hate Californians. I promise.

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  1. Christian June 17, 2008 at 11:32 am #

    Admit it – you hate California & every associated with it:

    1) California rolls
    2) The sun
    3) Good times

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