Portland's growing Twitter community in the Oregonian

twitter logoToday (well last night), the Oregonian/Oregonlive put up Steve Woodward's article (Twitter is Tweeter) covering the Portland Twitter community. There is also a video at Backspace with three of Portland's active twitterers. Steve listed several people you might want to “follow” (read article to understand this). You can follow our Portland Twitter account as well.

Here are a few more people to follow:

1) AinsleyofAttack: My favorite air-hockey partner, and blogger of Jerk Ethic among other places. Ainsley was recently voted as one of Twelve People Actually Worth Following On Twitter by Gawker. Recent Tweet:

“Didn't tell my roommates I'm moving. I assume they'll draw the natural conclusion that meth heads robbed them of all of my stuff and me.”

2) Pampelmoose: Dave Allen of Gang of Four, Pampelmoose.com, Nemo Design, and contributor here among many places. Recent tweet from Sasquatch Festival:

“Flight of the Conchords are too cool for school. I just got removed from the stage for merely having a camera!”

3) Dieselboi: One of the leaders of Portland Metroblogger. Recent Tweet:

Is at Deschutes brewing downtown and see a woman with a MacTarnahan's sweatshirt (beer) drinking WINE! What the f##k is that?” (my censor)

4) Squidvicious: Local 94.7 DJ and photographer. Recent tweet:

“Wiffleball is taking over my life. Just like in high school!”

5) Kentjlewis: President of Anvil Media and the man behind pdxmindshare, a monthly meetup for creatives in Portland. Recent Tweet:

Space Mountain still rocks after 22 years since my last visit to the Magic Kingdom.”

6) mattly: Local techie who makes some nice observational tweets such as:

burgerville is just the local equivalent of mcDonalds. it's awesome because portland is awesome.

7) ETChevalier: Chief Editor of Burst Fiction, an e-zine of one-shot short stories around 1000 characters long. Recent Tweet:

Open mic has the hippies flooding the coffee shop which is my que to run to the produce stand and home to avoid acoustics & bad poetry.”

8 ) feedle: twitter bio: “Dweeb, nerd, dude. Spam, boink, cheese.” Recent Tweet:

The city should give me one of those green jackets and the dopey hats. I'm apparently Mr Portland Info-Man today.”

9) amysue: “Amy Subach moved to Portland, Oregon to go to college, and has stuck around, mainly because it's nice here.” Recent Tweet:

BBQs are lame when you can't have any of the following: hamburgers, cheese, buns, salad with cheese, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, apple pie.”

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5 Responses to Portland's growing Twitter community in the Oregonian

  1. brewcaster June 1, 2008 at 3:02 pm #

    Interesting stuff to say the least. I deleted my twitter account months ago. It really became a time and attention leak that in turn actually left me more out of touch with my own life. I thought internet addiction was a buzzword until I joined Twitter.

  2. Julian Chadwick June 1, 2008 at 7:25 pm #


    It can be difficult when following a good bit of people who are active.

  3. Ken Brady June 1, 2008 at 9:45 pm #

    How about ex-Portlanders to follow? Though I guess I’m back in Portland enough to be a part-time resident again.


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