May 29: Lawn of the Limp, Portland's Hot Little Hands dance troupe

Lawn of the Limp

Out of the depths of imagination comes Lawn of the Limp, a new whimsical offering from Portland's own Hot Little Hands dance troupe. Birthed from the fantastic storyboards of collaborators David Stein and Suniti Dernovsek, behold as the chimera of daydreams and gentle nightmares leap and writhe to the elaborate soundscape constructed by Jay Clarke. Make reservations and prepare to let reality and boredom wait while your breath is stolen by Hot Little Hands.

Beginning tomorrow, May 29th through May 31st
Two shows each evening, one at 7PM and one at 9PM
Located at the warehouse on the corner of NW 5th and Flanders in Old Town
$12-$15 call or email for reservations: (503) 913-8959 or [email protected]

**JC Edit: Thanks to Ainsley Drew for contributing to the Pipeline. She was recently voted as one of Twelve People Actually Worth Following On Twitter by Gawker. Here is what they wrote:

5. AinsleyofAttack
Name: Ainsley Drew
Best: “You know how a Venus flytrap snaps shut when you poke it with a pencil? My vagina does that when you say 'recumbent bike.'”

  • Follow Ainsley on Twitter
  • Read Jerk Ethic, her blog about trying to survive in Portland through freelance writing
  • Read Face Plant, her blog about leveling the food pyramid (or experiments in veganism)
  • Read Bitchcraft, her blog about…ummm…becoming a Wiccan
  • Read her post on Backfence PDX about Hot, Summer love…NSFW

Avalon, SE Belmont, Portland, Oregon, 97214
AND observe Ainsley's game-face right before I destroyed her in Air Hockey

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4 Responses to May 29: Lawn of the Limp, Portland's Hot Little Hands dance troupe

  1. melissalion May 29, 2008 at 7:15 am #

    That game face is almost as excellent as her Back Fence PDX post.

  2. Merry_Widow June 2, 2008 at 10:51 am #

    I am sure that the talented Miss Drew will pursue Wicca with the same enthusiasm as she has embraced veganism. Does this mean that no vegetable will be safe from her spell?

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