May 13: Topless Tricycle Racing | Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor Trike racing, portland, oregonI met Alan at the Bonfire Lounge a couple weeks ago and he told me about his Trike Racing events at Mount Tabor Legacy (formerly Sabalas). He did mention some past topless action, but they are not normally (specifically, always?) topless (or bottomless) from what I understood. However, looking over last week's results on Myspace, I found this…

Trike Racing Results, Week Six… May sixth, 2008

Tim became our first 3 time champion, and first time defending champ for the men. out of a field of 8(phil gets honorable mention as the runner-up on his first real try)Tim is also working on some modified trikes, as well as a couple of mini-bikes for future exhibitions/events.Check him out at A BETTER CYCLE.

Speaking of exhibitions, 2nite it was a co-ed pants off/tops off race. One raced topless, one raced bottomless…. Who was who? Wish you had been here?…..

As for our women's division, the Lovely Lady Lisa Marie was our champ, out of a field of 4. A gorgeous one at that, all decked out as a pin-up model, pumps, fishnets and feathers, oh my!! I love this country!!!

P.s. TWISTER COMING SOON!!! As well as cheerleaders!!!

Mount Tabor supplies the trikes, but you can bring your own as well. There are cash prizes and costumes are highly encouraged. Will tonight bring more topless/bottomless action or possibly cheerleaders and Twister? I'll guess you will have to go up Hawthorne to find out


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  1. Alan May 13, 2008 at 9:31 pm #

    Thanx alot man, I really appreciate it! Gotta say, the bottomless thing probably won’t happen again anytime soon, sanitation issues you understand. Pants off will be fine, provided chonies/boxers/bikinis of some sort are worn(in the manner for which they were designed, no you can’t wear them on your head!}. Tops off as well of course, provided it’s for SPEED and not lewdness…….

    For the record, exhibition matches vary week to week, sometimes it’s co-ed grudge matches, sometimes topless, sometimes it’s a MULTI-TASKING or handi-capped race, peddling with hands, one-handed, yadayadayada.

    We will be adding badminton next week, and twister soon, designing a modified twister mat, for that. I believe I will have cheerleaders for the trike races soon as well.

    Again, thanx alot for the plug,
    hope to see you down here soon,


  2. Alan May 13, 2008 at 9:34 pm #

    Oh yeah, as to the above post, I should identify myself I S’pose… This is Alan at Mt Tabor Legacy Theater and Lounge, Your host for Tricycle Tuesdays,

    Thanx again Julian,


  3. Lisa Marie May 14, 2008 at 8:18 pm #

    Hehe! I will certainly be there next Tuesday – my bruises from last time should have healed by then! I plan on wearing a little “gothic lolita” with a corset and ruffle panties, just for giggles:) See you then!

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