May 2: Furry Kama Sutra – Anonymous Sex at Nemo First Friday

Kama Sutra Pampelmoose Nemo Design Photography Michael Cogliantry Nemo Design presents Furry Kama Sutra, a photography/Video exhibition by New York based photographer Michael Cogliantry, opening on May 02, 2008. The show will run through Tuesday, June 01, 2008 at Nemo Design: 1875 SE Belmont Street in Portland, OR. Furry Kama Sutra is the title for a new project by New York based photographer / director Michael Cogliantry.

For this series, Cogliantry captures the little seen world of Furry in a series of photographs and videos that are part position manual, part sexual sub-culture exploration. Dressed as an animal of their choice, Furries are considered the ultimate explorers of anonymous sex. In the fur suit, one can leave the confines of the computer room and venture out into other's bedrooms, remaining totally anonymous.

Groups are based largely online, but hold conventions all over the world, usually barring the media. The collection of seven 40 x 50" color photographs poses and three video episodes were shot at various "by-the-hour" motels around Las Vegas. Nemo Design ( is a Portland-based integrated branding, marketing and design shop. Nemo Design's capabilities include brand strategy, design, motion graphics, interactive development, film, video, print and photography production. Nemo Design is located at 1875 SE Belmont Street in Portland, OR.

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2 Responses to May 2: Furry Kama Sutra – Anonymous Sex at Nemo First Friday

  1. Jm September 20, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    Ok, its because of people like you who are ignorant and doesnt do any actual research, that pisses me and our kind off. Being Furry has little to do with having sex, or glorifying us as a weird fetish. Being a furry has more to do with loving yourself and loving animals in a spiritual, artistic way. Shame on you greedy person. Yes i will admit that some furrys publish erotic art, as would anyone else. But you are trying to define an entire WORLD WIDE culture as sexual fetishist, and that is wrong. Your second paragraph is completely in accurate and we all find it offensive. What you are doing will create a backlash against our culture that is biased and unfair and increase violence And prejudice both online and offline. We respectfuly request that u delete and rewrite the second paragraph with a bit more sensitivity. I reiterated, WE ARE NOT ALL HAVING SEX WITH EACH OTHER IN OUR FURSUITS!!! What people in ANY culture wishes to do behind closed doors is fine. But dont label all of us.

  2. PDXPIPELINE September 20, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    This post was not written by us, it was written by the folks who put on this event in 2008.

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