Jan 30: Andrew Michael Warnecke Presents a series of short film @ the Mt. Tabor Legacy

They are going to show the first three episodes of Lady Wasteland. Here is a post Dave Allen/Pampelmoose wrote about Lady Wasteland when it premiered:

Webisode 1 of 7 is ready for online consumption.

Here's a little blurb about what lady wasteland is about…continue reading

The last short, Goodnight Irene, was written and directed by Sterlin Harjo, who lived in Portland about ten years ago. Peter Hermes of Wideshot Studios, who now lives in Portland, edited the film. It was a Sundance film in 2005, and here is a review from IMDB:
I saw this short film at Aspen Short Film Festival about 4 months ago. I am not a movie industry person…just a regular Joe. I really think it provides its audience with something that is lacking from independent film, and that is sincerity. This is a genuinely compassionate movie…
Andrew Michael Warnecke Presents a series of short film @ the Mt. Tabor Legacy, 4811 SE Hawthorne.  8:00pm, January 30th.


Nosferatu: The Friendly Vampire — Directed by Karla Jean Davis

He may be 'Lord of the Undead,' but that doesn't mean poor Nosferatu has an easy time making friends.


Lady Wasteland, Episode 1 — Directed by Mark Roush

This is the adventure of Lady Wasteland. A story rooted in the misfortune of individuals left to scour a vast wasteland in search of their own private destiny. Each character: a fragment, a survivor, a wanderer. In a god-forsaken landscape after the collapse of civilized society, we find a generation left for dead, fueled by revenge, apathy, absurdity, and the need to find a piece of food.


How Far North — Fitzgerald music video, Directed by Andrew Michael Warnecke


Odd, Oklahoma — Directed by Levi Cathcart


“Small town people are stuck up.”



“Lucas thinks the teller at his bank is canceling his checks.  The three masked men with guns don't really care.”


Lady Wasteland, Episode 2 — Directed by Mark Roush


The Hollywood Photos of Katie Mills — Directed by Paul Tompkins

Actress, Katie Mills, has star potential. But, her “higher purpose” beliefs make that Hollywood goal elusive. Finally, the “perfect role” has arrived. All she needs are new photos for tomorrow's audition. Will disappointments repeat themselves? Or will she now do “whatever it takes”? Tonight's photo session will determine her fate .


I Am Lloyd Hamlin — Directed by Mark Roush

A comic book store owner.

An eager young reporter.

A cameraman that wishes he was somewhere else.

Welcome to the world of Lloyd Hamlin.


Blue Angel — Directed by Andrew Michael Warnecke

A disturbing, yet intimate and moving portrait of a girl (Jenafer Brown) confronted with her classmate's (Aika Shima) confession of sexual abuse in the home.   Featuring music by singer/songwriters Crystin Byrd and Namoli Brennet.  Based on short story by Christine Bollerud.


Rose Parade — Directed by Karla Jean Davis

A music video narrative tribute to the late singer/songwriter Elliott Smith, set to his touching song: 'Rose Parade.' When one girl's journey brings her to a mysterious rose trail, she has to decide: Will she follow it down?   Part of the Future Butterflies project.


Lady Wasteland, Episode 3 — Directed by Mark Roush


The Floor is Lava — Directed by Tim Marklevitz

Based on the childhood game, “The Floor is Lava”.


Goodnight Irene — Directed by Sterlin Harjo

Two young men have a life-changing encounter with an elder in the waiting room of an Indian Health Service clinic.

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