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'Indie': rockin' the lingo Friday, January 25, 2008

“With indie rock topping the charts, showing up on critics' best-of lists and generally becoming mainstream, the definition of “indie” has become a larger question in music circles. We asked a few folks in the Portland music scene what, exactly, makes “indie” indie. Their responses follow.” – Luciana Lopez

Dave Allen Gang of Four, and Pampelmoose “Ah, that hoary old chestnut . . . In the early days of Gang of Four we put out our Damaged Goods EP on Fast Records, a true indie in that it was run by a guy called Bob Last — he was the sole employee, if you could even call him an employee. An indie label then was a true DIY setup. Larger entities came together, Rough Trade springs to mind, but they had the indie spirit and were free of the major label system. So I suppose that embodies an 'indie' tag, 'free of the major label system,' and therefore bands on an indie label would be called an indie band by simply being on an indie label. “Here's a question, though — Alela Diane is a new-folk artist. She's on an indie label but is she therefore an indie musician? I'd say not necessarily. And as the label system collapses it won't matter, as soon enough we musicians won't need a label. We will own our copyrights and we will become indie entrepreneurs.”

Read more comments from Terry Currier owner, Music Millennium, Kevin O'Connor Talkdemonic, and Lucky Madison records and Jon Ragel, Boy Eats Drum Machine here.

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