Portland Hamburger Action: Yakuza, Stanfords, My Father's Place | The Hamburger Cow

Just got an update from the fine people/(person?) at Portland Hamburgers. Here ya go:

Burger, burger, burger….This weeks burger heat at Portland Hamburgers.

SpecialSauce and Hamburgler pick up two new recruits to begin the tour of Japanese restaurants
Burger Skills: Hamburger Fashions
Joy Kampia O'Shell is a fashion genius.
BurgerMeister and the Hamburgler seek out happy hour delights
Art: The Hamburger Cow
Photo by Krissysturm1986
My Father's Place
Look's like Pickles & Ammo* and the Hamburgler get their drinking training wheels on for lunch

My Fathers Place, Portland, Oregon, Hamburger**

Jo Bar
Time to get a little tougher on any burger that is over $10.00.
Sam's Billiards
You wouldn't think it, but this place gets abstract with their burger.
Art: Vasava Burger Print
Amanda Ford from Since Again design tipped us off to this hot burger print she picked up in Barcelona

So many burgers, so little time. Help us eat them all already and join us today at Portland Hamburgers. It's free, it's easy, it's fun, and and keeps a nice round look on you.

*Hmmm, I don't think it is a coincidence that this is our Portland MS walk team name. I guess I have an idea who's eating at My Father's Place. You can sponsor (or possibly join) our team by clicking here. **Also,nice Rose City Rollers Shirt there, Pickles & Ammo.

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