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A letter from Leah:

Viginia Cafe Brick, 725 SW Park Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97205

Hello Fellow Virginia Cafe Family Members,

I hope all of you have had a wonderful December to date.  What can I say, the weather in Portland is so unpredictable.  They said we would be blasted with snow today, still waiting.  Some eggnog infront of a roaring fire will set the mood just right.

For those of you that would still like to buy a Personalized Brick for our the new location on 10th avenue, I have extended the last date to purchase a brick to Friday, January 4th, 2008.  We have had a wonderful turnout of support for this event.  I still would love to see more Personalized Bricks laid down infront of the new bar on 10th avenue.  If you can't make it in, I have attached a brick form that you can fill out and email me with your information.  Remember the more bricks we sell the more money we have to donated to Outside In.

What can I say, my guy was trying to be funny at my expense, but heck I got some more money for Outside In.

*I did not include the form, but you can contact Leah (Lmd3ty1 @ aol dot com) if you would like a to purchase a brick.*

Also, the move to 10th St is in February it appears.

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