Dave Allen/Pampelmoose | 20 best musical discoveries for 2007

Dave Allen/The Moose is one of our contributors to PDX PIPLEINE. He also rocks the Pampelmoose site, which has a ton of information, mainly pertaining to music. He put this list up on the 8th. Go check it out….NOW

From Pampelmoose.com where the rest of the info and MP3s Lie…

dave's 20 best musical discoveries for 2007

December 8th, 2007 by Dave Allen
Yes 20, count ‘em.

Another year in music. And this one seems to have been quite rich in new talent; the Moose has certainly been bombarded with some cool new music from many different bands. In fact so much has come in that it is has been impossible to cover everyone of the bands that made submissions this year. With that in mind I decided that I would create a new annual list for the blog that lists what I consider to be the 20 best new artists that landed in the Moose inbox this year. It's quite a mix of styles but then that reflects my very varied musical tastes. Not much in the way of rock music in this list either but that's just the state of things right now – rock got lost in ‘07 let's hope it finds its way home in ‘08. And remember, most of these artists have music for sale in the Amazon download store, iTunes or EMusic, so do your bit and support them by buying a tune or two. Here's the top twenty in no particular order. Next week I will list my top ten albums of the year.

Read it all…get the MP3s

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