Daily Stank Image Bank | Dec 7 | First Friday at GoodFoot Lounge | DJ Magneto is Here and He Likes Burgers

From Portland Hamburgers

Burger Tour: ERS-ONE/Magneto (Atlanta)

DJ Magneto in Atlanta, ERS-ONE

You never know where the BurgerBlogger shows up these days (lots more coming soon). You can see him at the Goodfoot (2845 SE Stark) this Friday for his monthly night the “First Friday Super Jam”


Daily Stank Image Bank: SPINNAFACE at the Goodfoot Lounge
November 30, 2007 — Julian Chadwick |

SpinnaFace at the Goodfoot Lounge with Manny/DJ Magneto, Portland, Oregon, 97214

This if from Manny's/DJ Magnet first Friday show at the Goodfoot Lounge in October (the 5th). I didn't know who this guy was, Spinnaface, but recently ran accross his mypsace/website/videos. It is pretty funny stuff and some of the beats/tracks are good as well.

August 6 Daily Stank Image Bank: Manny/DJ Magneto at Goodfoot Lounge
August 6, 2007 — Julian Chadwick |

I met Manny a year or so ago at the Le Merde room of The Montage. He was spinning that night with Monkeytek, Pretty Please, and Jon from Anthem Records (SE 34th and Belmont).

He flies in from Santa Barbara to DJ First Fridays at the Goodfoot Lounge. I stopped by and got a pic of him with the Dark Star before he went on.

Manny's Myspace

Manny Dark Star

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