Dec 6-8 Reminder | Luciana Proaño's "Chaski"–"intense, yet playful study of endurance and the insignificance of time"

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December Events from Performance Works NW & other Portland artists & groups

:: Dec. 6-8 | Luciana Proaño's "Chaski"
Thursday-Saturday, December 6-8 @ 7:00pm
Info/tickets: or 503-977-0620

Chaski is a multimedia presentation about endurance and trance, inspired by the Inca Andean runners. A new version of a work created in 1997 and performed 1998, 1999 and 2000. In the Quechua language, CHASKI means "messenger" and refers to the legendary relay runners who carried messages across the deserts, mountains and jungles of Peru.

"Chaski is about the paradox of moving without getting anywhere, the fusion of the line with the infinite," says Proaño, of the collaboration with JB Butler, her husband and well-known jazz guitarist.

Proano dances with fierce and expressive abandon, drawing on improvisation and ritual, as well as unorthodox set design and video, to narrate the mythology. Butler's original composition is an interpretation of Andean, Indian and free-form jazz rhythms and harmonies, and beautifully supports and drives Proano's movement.

The music invokes a heartbeat, the video suggests a watery depth, and the result is an intense, yet playful study of endurance and the insignificance of time.

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