Dec 5 | JoeeIrwin at Tube | "Amazing", "The Most Fun",

Here is a hint if you want to get your event put on pdx pipeline; Talk about yourself in th 3rd person (do it all the time myself), use lines from Zoolander (I do that as well) and brag about yourself…in this case say you are “the most fun”. Also, buying me beer helps…really, really helps.


From Joee Irwin (“I wanted something psychedelic because Jenkem is so hot right now! ” ):

JoeeIrwin is “The Most Fun”. He moved to Portland from Chicago less than a year ago. In that short time, Joee has played with some awesome names: Klaxons, Datarock, VHS or Beta, Dandi Wind, Moving Units, and Digitalism…just to name a few. He's flamboyant and has been known to do costume changes mid set and “cancel” gigs only to show up as his sleazy alter ego, Ash Landers.

In an attempt to grow Portland's electro scene he started a blog, imontheinternet that not only lists a bunch of fun things to do but is filled with the nonsense of his signature wit. It got him some major attention as he's recently begun writing for Franki Chan's music power-blog iheartcomix.

JoeeIrwin will be playing at Tube (18 NW 3rd Ave) on Wednesday from 10 – 230. It's free to get in, the drinks are cheap, and the speakers will be bang. Just remember: “The Most Fun”

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