Nov 17: "(She) be to rap what key be to lock"–Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets), Freddy Fresh at Pala!

There was a brief period in my life (mid 88- mid 91) where I mostly shunned hip-hop and only listened to Suicidal Tendencies, Flaming Lips, Chainsaw Kittens, Fishbone, Pantera, Bad Brains, old Metallica…

actually I will just stop now but there was a lot of “head banging” and yes, the Flaming Lips actually did go in this list if you knew them in this period.

Lady Bug Mecca at Pala Lounge, Portland, Oregon

Digable Planets was one of the hip-hop groups to bring me back. It was impossible to deny the skills of this group and the enjoyment nearly everyone gets (C-Block excluded) when hearing their music. After 2 albums, they just disappeared though. You would see solo shows here and there and I heard Lady Bug got sick. I don't know if she was sick or not–but Saturday–she is at PALA and I can't wait to see it. PLUS, Freddy Fresh…Ravi is always nice to see as well.

PALA Lounge
105 NW 3rd Ave
PDX, Oregon 97209
United States

PS. Sorry, but I can't make out the large amount of writing on that flyer either without straining an eye or both

PPS> Anonymous-i sent the info over before this post went live, so continue reading for that Anonymous-i proudly presents……

Grammy Award winning talent, Ladybug Mecca (Rebirth Of Slick “Cool
Like Dat” 1993) of the rap group Digable Planets is possibly rap's
most notorious voice of her time with the group Digable Planets.
Ladybug Mecca, in the early 90's, is now on tour for her solo project
“TRIP LIGHT FANTASTIC, which showcases among other things, Ladybug's
soulful versatility. Prominent in Mecca's history is her role in
Digable Planets, a communal clan of poet-rappers that made “hip-hop
bebop” popular in the 90's. Alongside her two male partners she burst
onto the scene like a quiet storm, blowing away expectations and
defining a new stance for ladies who followed on the mike. “Mecca The
Ladybug makes great strides in proving women in rap don't need to
scream and swagger inorder to be tough and assertive,” wrote Larry
Flick in Billboard magazine. “Mecca never raises her voice but always
is a commanding figure.”

Freddy Fresh is among the most active and prolific American
underground dance music artists, having released more than a hundred
records on dozens of different labels worldwide . Born and bred in St.
Paul Minnesota, Fresh's name is more often associated with the London
UK scene, to which he relocated in the late '90s after having top 40
chart success with 2 of his songs. Fresh's first record label was
formed in late 1992 and was called Analog Recordings. His label empire
then grew to include a host of sub labels (Analog UK, Butterbeat,
Electric Music Foundation and then Socket and Boriqua labels) In
addition to a growing stateside audience, Fresh is also one of the few
contemporary non-Detroit techno/electro musicians to have a strong
European following, and his records for Experimental, Harthouse, and
Martin “Biochip C” Damm's Anodyne label have strengthened his
international presence. Although Fresh grew up a gothic rock/new wave
junkie, a trip to the “boogie down” Bronx in 1984 introduced him to
the thriving NYC hip-hop scene.Freddy was at once introduced to BOOGIE
DOWN PRODUCTIONS, where he got to work withe likes of Grandmaster
Flash, Qbert, Schooly D, Sneaker Pimps , Bassbin Twins etc…
In the year 2004 Fresh released a reference book dealing with the
history of the early independent old school rap scene that catalogues
every conceivable rap label from 1979 to 1989, this book has been
featured in The Source, Vibe, The New York Times, Village Voice and
has gone on to win journalism awards in the United States and has been
recognized as the only reference book on this subject. The book is
called Freddy Fresh presents The Rap Records (Nerby Publishing LLC).
Currently Fresh is working on a second book dealing with his
experiences as an Electronic artist and his time spent with Sony music
and his ups and downs in the electronic music industry.Freddy has also
worked with and remixed tracks for: Krafty Kuts, DJ Icey, Fat Boy
Slim, Dynamo Productions, Lord 69, Dynamo Productions, Wicked Lester,
Ictus, Kool Mo Dee & The Treacherous 3, Pablo, Mann
Parrish, Myagi, Boricua All Stars, Professor Angel Dust, Spear N
Jackson, Soul of Man, DJ Scissorkicks & Sgt. Rock, Funk Weapons,
Azaxx, Steinski, Si Begg, Ed DMX to name a few….

warming up the night……

in the V.I.P room MIKE WILLIAMS!!!!

Joe Nasty
Party people around the Pacific Northwest have come to appreciate the
technical prowess and risk-taking selections of JOE NASTY's sets, as
he constantly tries to push the boundaries of his own skills and
conventional dance-floor wisdom, as he's been known to drop the SOS
Band and Kool Mo D next to the Plump DJ's and Jackyl n' Hyde. Along
the way he's been blessed to share the stage with some of the
industry's top jocks including DJ Roc Raida, Spinderella (of
Salt-n-Pepa), DJ Icey, Donald Glaude, Richard 'Humpty' Vission, Simply
Jeff, Uberzone, Charles Feelgood, Angel Alanis, MJ Cole, Baby Anne, DJ
Irene, Freq Nasty, Deekline and Wizard, Sharaz, Space Girl, Mars,
Mystree, Keoki, Skylab 2000, and Delta 9.

Ravi was brought up by a herd of wild sheep in the foothills of the
Himalayas. It was from this experience in India that he developed an
amazing understanding of wool knitting.Upon his return to the U.S., he
began creating awe-inspiring works such as scarves, beanies, and the
all important wool sweater.It was 1995, in Portland, OR, when his
unique skills were first discovered. This led to countless displays of
knitting prowess at many of the prominent craft nights in the NW, over
the last 7 years. He currently holds down several knitting
Location: PALA NW 3rd and Couch St
Cover: $15.00
21+ w/ valid identification

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  1. Sinnaface January 25, 2008 at 7:41 pm #

    Ladybug Mecca sucks without Digable Planets. Her live shows are whack fugly.

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