Novmber 4: The Barfly Nominees are in and The Award Show is Today at Mt. Tabor Legacy

This is an invite-only event. Normally, I would not post invite-only here, but it was already on the Barfly website, and hey–you might know one of these people and possibly mooch one of their VIP tix…I mean, congratulate them. And why am I not up for “Most Good Writer”–sounds like it was written specifically for my illiteracy (rhyming on-timing!). 

My lovely fall sickness seems to be nearly gone (the contagion is for sure), so I'm going to do my best to get out there tonight as several of these people are friends of mine (Atom 13, Malice, Chris Haberman, Phil Ragaway, William Slater – “hottest item not on the menu”= ha!). If so, expect some good pictures this coming week.

Now Non-contagious, Julian

Posted By Miss Jen Lane of BarFly fame on October 31, 2007, 2:43 pm

And the nominees are…

The people have spoken, and BarFly has listened. Final BarFly Award voting will be conducted live and in person at the ultra-fabulous, oh-so-exclusive, BarFly Awards Gala, on Sunday, November 4th – check your inboxes for your personal invites, beautiful people, and hope your tears don't stain your pillowcases, hoi polloi.

Now, without further ado, the 2007 BarFly Award nominees are…

Nominees in each category are listed alphabetically, by first name.

Fastest guns in the West (Portland's fastest bartender)…

Erin Clauson, Slow Bar
Jason Keebler, Mount Tabor Legacy
Lincoln, Embers
Lisa Wagner, Tonic Lounge

Funniest bartender…

Jim, Candlelight Cafe
Kevin, Devil's Point
Jedediah "Diamond" Aaker, Roscoe's, AudioCinema
Mike Heiges, Tube

Hottest item not on the menu (dreamiest waiter or waitress)…

Anna, The Slammer
Danica, Dante's, Devil's Point
Ryan, Roscoe's
William Slater, Bonfire Lounge

Nicest bouncer…

Crack La Rock, Fez
Dylan Skiles, Tonic Lounge
J.D., Doug Fir
Philly Chris, Dante's, Devil's Point

Sexiest stripper (The Monster/Busch Award)…

Cami, Magic Gardens
Malice, Sassy's, Devil's Point, Dante's Sinferno
Rivets, Union Jacks, Dante's Sinferno, Devil's Point
Stormy, Devil's Point, Dante's Sinferno

Bestest deejay ever (we're talking clubs and bars here, not radio)…

Atom 13, Bar of the Gods
DJ Catalyst, Red Cap Garage
Disc Jockey Gregarious, Fez, Matador
DJ Yeti, Yeti Magazine, Holocene

Favorite cabbie…

Bobby A, Radio Cab
Chris Harley, Radio Cab
Enrique, Radio Cab
Holly Morgan, Radio Cab

Hottest hairstylist…

Lucinda Beth Thompson, Dirty Little Secret
Nicci, Bishops (NE 28th)
Susan, Rock Paper Scissors, Wack
Yvette Reyes, Wack

Most good writer (from the local press)…

Byron Beck, Willamette Week
Ezra Ace Caraeff, Portland Mercury
Viva Las Vegas, Portland Mercury
Zach Dundas, Willamette Week, Portland Monthly

Best drunk (a regular who rocks; the greatest drinking buddy, ever; someone who can throw down, but not throw up)…

Andrew Loomis
Kelly Gately
MIke Heiges
Sarah X. Dylan

Most ghetto fabulous (a star of the local circuit – someone who's a social celebrity, not necessarily a 'real' celebrity)…

Jedediah "Diamond" Aaker, Roscoe's, AudioCinema, The Darlins
John “Elvis” Schroeder, Saturday Market, Portland Organic Wrestling
Tres Shannon, Voodoo Doughnut, Karaoke From Hell, Miss U's
Seantos, Rontoms, Starantula

Best band for a one night stand (a local band that gets you laid)…

The Darlins
Pure Country Gold

Hardest working man or woman in show business (again, this is locals only – individual performers who play with a band(s), dance, act or otherwise put on a show)…

Derek Moore, Damned Events
Morgan Grace, Morgan Grace
Storm Large, Storm and the Balls, Cabaret
Tres Shannon, Voodoo Doughnut, Karaoke from Hell, Miss U's

Starving artist most likely to get fat (new category for 2007! A local artist working in any media, from fine art to film, who's struggling now, but may well be making it big any minute)…

Chris Haberman
Corey Smith
Mike "Private" Albano
Pasha Gross

Most likely to be famous (in any capacity, other than maybe serial killers, and artists, who are covered, above)…

Corey Smith
Rick Emerson
Storm Large
Wade McCollum

The Go to Guy (or Gal) Award (new category for 2007! Think of it as the “perfect attendance” award for the Portland Scene, in general – a Joe or Jill Reliable who's always there, in a good way)…

Jason "Lord", BOG, Mount Tabor Legacy
Kelly "Murph" Murphy, Kells
Mike "Krummy" Krum, Big Bertha's
Steve "Reno" O'Riordan, Voleur

Lifetime achievement award (someone who's paid their dues, been around forever, and has endeavored to make the scene better and brighter along the way) (The Mobile Marketing BarFlyVIP Award)…

Frank Faillace, bar owner/publisher (Dantes, Devil's Point, Tiger Bar, Boom Boom Room, Exotic Magazine)
Fred and Toody Cole, musicians (Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows)
Leo Rivera, salon/bar owner (Bishops Barbershops, Ten-O-1, Chesterfield)
Phil Ragaway, bar/coffeeshop owner (BOG, Shanghai Tunnel, Bossanova, 1201, Genies, Tiny's)

See your name here? Congratulations! Please email [email protected] RIGHT NOW! Your official nominee info packet will be on its way to you a.s.a.p., but we need to hear from you, now. See your pal's name on here? Let 'em know! Please feel free to repost. Apologies – let me know if your name is misspelled or info is incorrect.

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