The WaMu Difference: I Found Out the Hard Way

*JC Edit: From Kristin Wall at KWDesigns, check out her site— Also, b/c of this same treatment, I left Wamu for the lovely Albina Community Bank over a year ago. You can read that here.*

WaMu has this lovely statement on The WaMu Difference section of their website. Until recently, I was a WaMu customer. As a customer I certainly didn't feel any "value" or was I "listened to". In fact, I was ignored and was treated with no value.

Earlier this month, I called & spoke with a WaMu representative about a $592 fraudulent charge that had been posted to my checking acct. I filed a dispute against the merchant and was told it would take approx. 5 business days for the matter to be resolved. In the meantime, I was concerned I would incur insufficient fund fees. The WaMu rep. informed me I would be able to file a "separate" dispute once this dispute cleared. Essentially, rack up fees, then we'll credit your acct? Pretty wacked.

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Two days later, there was a credit to my acct. for $592. Yeah – problem resolved – or so I thought. I incurred over $300 in insufficient funds fees – Yikes! As instructed by the WaMu rep, I called to file an additional dispute to recover the insufficient funds fees. This is where things went from bad to to down right $%#@*&.

The WaMu rep I filed the original claim with failed to record it on my account. So they claimed to have no record of a dispute. On top of that, I was informed the merchant "credited" my account for the unauthorized charge. Since the merchant "credited" my acct, it was no longer considered a fraudulent charge & there was no need for a dispute. What the @%&$?

Essentially, I'm paying for the incompetency of WaMu because their customer service representative failed to record my dispute. Guess what WaMu, I have a phone bill to prove I was on the phone with your company for nearly 30 minutes. Here's the real kicker. When I asked the manager ” When and where is the consumer protected?” His respsonse was: “Mame, if this is the only thing you want to discuss, there's nothing more I can say, I'm tired of repeating myself.”

So the merchant can freely take my money (without authorization), the bank lets them and on top of that, the bank decides they want a piece too – so they add ridiculous fees to my account.

I'm appalled. What happened to The WaMu Difference: "We listen to our customers and give them what they value"? This is far from being resolved.

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