A friendly reminder from your nice bus driver!

*First post from the actual Tri-met Operators world with some soap boxing from Julian Chadwick at the bottom*

(this is the most confusing blog I have ever seen! How do you post to this?)  From JC- I guess you figured it out :)

Video from a Bus camera of someone who dies/died walking in front of a bus (not gory, not adult, ok for work)

Don't Walk in Front of the Bus Video (“Trimetoperators”)

Edit and possible soap-boxing by Julian Chadwick:

A few weeks back, I noticed that some of the Tri-met folks were linking, reading and commenting over here due to Christian's Tri-met Etiquette (Tri-metiquette) posts. I'm sure the trimet world has many informal organizations, and I found one of them b/c they had linked over to those posts. There are a lot of us using the Tri-Met/Trimet system and most of us are paying taxes to support it.

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Personally, after seeing how well these systems worked in Europe (Germany, Holland, Belgium, London, etc), I would pay more; they are highly effective in an urban setting. Also,  enironmental concerns aside, I'm not comfortable having the Middle East, Russia, Venezuela, etc dictate whether we will be able to afford transportation in this country (have you noticed how many Portland Biodiesel buses we have now? =fantastic!)

Therefore, like other contributors here representing parts of our society, I asked if they would like to participate in the PDX PIPELINE and give helpful information.

I can't say that above is quite what I expected. It's not the nicest thing in the world; but I guess when one sees people almost die on a daily basis, you pass up nice for hard, cold reality and throw some meanness (“moron”, “stupid people”) with it to make sure they remember. I don't think everyone who walks in front of a bus is a moron.

I've done plenty of dumb things; they are called mistakes, and you learn from them.

I can remember walking in front of a bus here and Europe many times–the stops are sometimes right in front of the walk zone. I usually do a triple look (the bus-driver's eyes, and both sides of the road). I have a belief that the bus driver will honk or point, etc if I am about to get slammed by the real moron (the person who doesn't look out for pedestrians and bike-riders in a place full of them.

Actually, they aren't morons either.

I agree very much with the woman from the first video. People are often in too much of a hurry. I don't think they even know why they are hurrying (I do this also at times); our society is one of production and one that states you should always be in a hurry to complete some task.

To those people (no judgment, but) I say…stop, walk, take a look around at this beautiful place, and possibly come play me or someone in Dominoes or Backgammon, etc. Life is short, and you are making it shorter by forgetting to enjoy it. Thank You PSU for introducing me to Mindfulnessresources for students and non-students here.

Oh, and don't get so much in a hurry that you kill or get killed by not paying attention in traffic. I hope that wasn't too much soap-boxing. I'm not really here to do that…back to events and info! Check out the Hive party at Plan B tonight; they don't like Dave Matthews :)  


3 Responses to A friendly reminder from your nice bus driver!

  1. maxadders October 30, 2007 at 12:00 pm #

    ummm, is this Trimet operator making a video as he drives his bus? isn’t that a little…unsafe?


  2. al November 4, 2007 at 11:52 am #

    Dont be silly, of course I wasnt driving and filming!

  3. Notorious Kelly November 6, 2007 at 1:05 pm #

    There is ONE person in the world 100% responsible for your safety:


    No matter the conveyance, the moron is the person who expects others to take primary responsibility for Their safety i.e. pedestrians bolting out in front of 30 mph traffic or cyclists challenging larger vehicles and trains for dominance of the road.

    I treat the street as a combat zone – not my righteous territory. This attitude has kept me alive a lot longer than some with differing points of view.

    Looking out for other vehicles is challenging enough for drivers- people who are not in a vehicle Really need to watch their asses when coming out on to the road.

    The roads were paved for motor vehicles; pedestrians, cyclists and other animals are best served realizing this before venturing out onto it.

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