Oct 18-24: Modmix, the First USDA Certified Organic Cocktail Mixer–Makes Its Oregon Debut at PDX Fashion Week

I'm visiting red earth land (aka Oklahoma) for a wedding, so I've been keeping offline as much as possible so that I could give my full attention to my family and friends in this area. I got on the email box today (1000 or so new=a lot of cool stuff going on plus a lot to look over) and saw this awesomeness. Yeah, the Fashion Week is on for sure, and fashion+organic drinks = love from Julian

Modmix, the First USDA Certified Organic Cocktail Mixer,

Makes Its Oregon Debut at PDX Fashion Week

Step Up to the Fashion Bar: Modmix Brings Luxury, Style and Sophisticated Taste

to the Classic Cocktail. Cocktail hour. Organically remixed.

PORTLAND, Oct. 18, 2007 — Inspired by three women and their love of organic living, clean design, and a finely crafted cocktail, Modmix, the first USDA certified organic cocktail mixer, makes its Oregon debut during Portland's 4th Annual PDX Fashion Week October 19-24. Designers, models and ‘fashionistas' can unwind after a long day on the catwalk with a stylish Modmix cocktail available at the main and VIP bars during PDX Fashion Week.
Exclusive to the PDX Fashion Show, Modmix has created two signature drinks to celebrate the event entitled the "Fashionista Margarita" and the "Couture Mojito." Both specialty cocktails embody the spirit of Portland with the style of the show and can best be described as Portland perfection with a twist!
According to a 2007 Food and Beverage Trend Report, the demand for organic foods grew 29% from 2006. Answering this organic demand, Modmix created five all organic gourmet recipes that provide a modern makeover to classic cocktails and include:

Citrus Margarita (organic limes, a bloom of fragrant orange), Lavender Lemon Drop (lemon juice mingles with fresh lavender water), Mojito (freshest spearmint, unrefined cane sugar and the juiciest limes), Pomegranate Cosmopolitan (a ruby-red seduction), and the French Martini (a 1920's Paris classic cocktail of organic pineapple juice and raspberry with a hint of lemon). The French Martini's glamour has been organically remixed and should not be missed at the PDX Fashion Show. Viva le revolution!

"In the spirit of Portland's eco-friendliness, modern art, design, and urban style, we chose the PDX Fashion Show as our Modmix Oregon debut," said Gretchen Nix, Modmix Beverages co-founder. "Two of our founders live in Portland and our products are a natural fit with the hip, fashionable and organic culture of the city."
AC Nielsen also reported strong growth in the spirits category, driven by a 6% increase in premium and 12% in ultra premium spirits versus a year ago. Though premium spirits are at a record high, there are few truly high-end cocktail mixers on the market and nothing organic, unless created from scratch. Modmix meets this premium spirits trend: with its pure organic ingredients, it offers a modern twist to today's quality cocktail. Modmix was designed to blend perfectly with top shelf spirits, champagne or sparkling wine and is also great as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink when mixed with sparkling water.

During Portland's PDX Fashion Week, Modmix samples will be available at the Modmix booth with sparkling water in the PFW Plaza, as well as the main and VIP bars.
Oregonians will be able to purchase Modmix in October in all QFC, New Seasons and Lamb's Market stores as well as through select web retailers, Bevmo.com & BTCelements.com. For a complete national retail listing and more information, log onto www.modmixbeverages.com.

PDX Fashion Week Signature Drinks

Fashionista Margarita:
It's the season's must have margarita for any fashionista. The perfect organic combination of Modmix's sultry Citrus Margarita and uptown Pomegranate Cosmopolitan, the Fashionista Margarita consists of fresh organic limes with a bloom of fragrant orange, and pomegranate ruby-red sophistication mixed with premium tequila. One sip and prepare to hold the paparazzi back!

Modmix Organic Pomegranate Cosmopolitan + Modmix Organic Citrus Margarita + tequila with lime garnish
Couture Mojito:
Made to order perfection, the Couture Mojito is tres chic at any party. The glamorous ensemble of 1920's Paris romance and creativity meets the sweet tang of Old Havana—this elegant cocktail's blend of organic pineapple juice, raspberry, spearmint, and a hint of lemon is united with the finest raw cane sugar and juiciest organic limes mixed with a fine blanco rum will transport you to the top of any fashion list. Mr. Blackwell has no business here!

Modmix Organic French Martini+ Modmix Organic Mojito + clear rum + splash soda water with mint garnish
Of course, not only the signature drinks, but all five Modmix Cocktail Mixes will be served at the event bars.

About Modmix Beverages
Modmix, the organic cocktail mixer, redefines the premium spirits market by providing a gourmet cocktail mixer that matches the quality and luxury of today's finest spirits. Modmix is the only USDA certified organic cocktail mixer on the market. The perfect companion to any top shelf spirit, champagne or sparkling wine, or served as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink when combined with sparkling water, Modmix fits the lifestyle of environmental and health conscious people.

Inspired by three women and their love of organic living, clean design, and a finely crafted cocktail, each Modmix blend uses only the finest ingredients including raw cane sugar, organic fruits and herbs. The result: A product that tastes as beautiful as it looks. To learn more about Modmix, please visit www.modmixbeverages.com.

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