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Hi all-

Below please find info about events taking place at Performance Works NW in the coming weeks.

Yoga with yours truly continues of course on Tues eve and Sat morn.

Also— Linda Austin Dance in “circus me around” is coming Oct. 26–check out the website



1. Waiting for Lefty | Oct 5-20

2. Tuning Score Workshop | Oct. 14 12-4pm


3. The Bluestockings present SPIRITS TO ENFORCE | Oct 25-Nov.17


1. Waiting for Lefty | Oct 5-20

Please join us for Clifford Odet's 1935 classic Waiting for Lefty at Performance Works Northwest Oct. 5th -20th. Part fist-pumping protest play and part old-fashioned sing along, this unique production will also include several classic labor songs such as "Union Maid" and "Which Side Are You On" and snippets from the Wobblies'

propaganda pamphlet, The Little Red Songbook.


All tickets $10.00.


For more info call (503)473-6666 or email


Performance Works NorthWest is located at 4625 SE 67th btwn Foster and Holgate.


All performances are Fridays/Saturdays. Curtain 8:oo PM



2. Tuning Score Workshop | Oct. 14 12-4pm | Karen Nelson:

Hi all,

We've decided to take another dive into the material underneath the tuning scores. The workshop will include a deep sensory personal warm-up and opportunities to experience an extension of the warm-up state in dances with others. Then we will play with some tuning scores both doing and watching. No previous experience is necessary, and we hope you will gain some understanding of what tuning scores and the under-the-surface activities are all about. Your questions will inspire us!

All this, in some way, is in preparation for a visit to Portland by Lisa Nelson early next spring. We hope anybody who is interested in this work will take the opportunity to dive in over the next months, and be able to also interact with Lisa when she comes.

If you think you can come on Sunday, Oct 14th from 12-4pm at Performance Works NorthWest, please let me know:

The deal is the same, a sliding scale starting at $5, but don't stay away if you can't afford that. Also, please pass the word.


3. The Bluestockings present SPIRITS TO ENFORCE | Oct 25-Nov.17

a superhero-infused retelling of Shakespeare's The Tempest

The Bluestockings are excited to announce the West Coast premier of Spirits to Enforce by playwright Mickle Maher, to run from October 25th to November 17th at Performance Works NorthWest.

* * *

Deep in the bowels of a submarine,

twelve telemarketers attempt to sell tickets to a play, with increasing desperation.

The play is no ordinary play –

it is Shakespeare's masterwork, The Tempest.

And these are no ordinary telemarketers-

rather they're superheroes taking a break from defending Fathom Town

to tell the 400-year-old tale of their island nation,

a paradise turned industrial nightmare by super-villain Professor Cannibal, nee Caliban.

In the process, they discover who they are and who they aren't,

while the audience watches the story of The Tempest unfold in an entirely new way.




Spirits to Enforce opens October 25th and runs until November 17th

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm

Sundays at 3 pm



Performance Works NorthWest, 4625 SE 67th Ave, Portland



Tickets are $10

Thursday nights are pay-what-you-will




visit or call 503-307-2410


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Linda Austin

Performance Works NorthWest

4625 SE 67th Ave.

Portland, OR 97206



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