"Check out Portland's 260+ happy hours"; Meet Tom Potter at one perhaps

A message from Bryan at UrbanDrinks.com (I like that he made it sound as it came from me–I didn't edit this to come from him, because that is probably what I would say…sort of, but close enough)

Be sure to check out UrbanDrinks.com — they've added many new
features recently, including revamped user profile pages (mine is at
http://urbandrinks.com/people/JulianChadwick), and a so-easy-to-use-
that-a-fingerless-monkey-could *Edit Below*

-do-it star rating feature for bars and


You can literally rate your 50 favorite places in less
than five minutes. Also, if you have an account, you can add tags,
friends, photos of your nights out, and brutally honest reviews of
your favorite and not-so-favorite drinking holes.

Check out Portland's 260+ happy hours here: http://urbandrinks.com/

Mayor Top Potter Portland Oregon

Edit: Bryan emailed me to say that this monkey-line probably didn't come out right. But, you know, when you are visiting 260+ Happy Hours, you might get sloppy at times. I hit 4 or 5 a week, and I get sloppy :)

He wanted me to remove it but then he would lose 8 hyphen points; that kind of hyphen-domination would win any scrabble or boggle tournament–so it stays–and the point is that it is so easy to use that Tom Potter wouldn't even need to create a committee to figure it out.

And as we all know, Tom Potter likes to drink beer and he likes his committees…so he probably is looking.

More on Tom Potter's drinking issues on the Pipeline:

Mayor Tom Potter gets to drink on the job—how sweet!

Mayor Tom Potter Continues to Drink on The Job!

Is it Intervention-Time for Mayor Tom Potter?

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  1. Bryan October 15, 2007 at 3:22 pm #

    I think it’s sad that Julian has no friends on UrbanDrinks. I know he has friends, and I know he drinks, so what’s the deal?

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