Sept 26: oh em gee RAHZEL!!! (Hawthorne theater)

From Julian:

More on Portland music (155), SE/Southeast Portland (105) , Hawthorne Theater (3), and Hawthorne Street (10).


I love Yuri Lane. I love Fogatron. And I was especially delighted when Reggie Watts threw a little beatboxing action into his TBA multimedia performance at the Someday Lounge a couple weeks ago.

But the granddaddy of them all is Rahzel, the self-styled “godfather of noise.” My quibble with his chosen moniker is that, contrary to the negative connotations of the word “noise,” his (stuff) is in fact the dopest of the dope.

If you have never experienced his maxillojugular symphony “If Your Mother Only Knew,” then you have not witnessed some of the greatest sounds the human body is capable of emitting. As long as I am able to enjoy their beauty, there are some phenomena I just don't need to understand: flight, faxing, and beatboxing.

Wednesday night, you have the opportunity to witness Rahzel in at least three dimensions at the Hawthorne Theatre.

I highly recommend that you get your (badonkadonk) there to check it out.

Fom Julian:

Hawthorne Theater Portland OregonI see no information on this show at their web site and calender. The author of this post (who never, ever, ever answers her phone or calls back–but finds the time to text at am amazing rate, costing me an ever growing $0.10 per text charges from the “new att”) texted me that is it in fact happening Wednesday, September 26th. Other than that…there is this info:

For Theatre & Bar General Info: [email protected]

1507 SE 39th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

they don't seem to like answering that phone either from my experience today…

2 Edits:

first, from Nicholas (President/Owner) at the Hawthorne Theater:

“Yes the show is confirmed. All tickets are on sale at ticketswest or”
see you there…..Nicholas J. Yannariello
President / Owner
Hawthorne Entertainment Inc.
Hawthorne Theatre

and this was sent by a random birdie on myspace…

“RAHZEL CANCELLED ON US!!! We called Hawthorne Theatre to confirm. It's a sad day.”

Hmmm…I guess that is why it is good to have the info on one's site….

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  1. babylawnmower September 24, 2007 at 9:30 am #

    This is supremely bogus. Thanks for all the updates, Julian. And my preference for text messaging over actually calling stems from my desire to be unobtrusive in order not to disrupt the important pursuits of my beloved friends, such as, say, enjoying a weekend of college football in the comfort of the Marriott Hotel…

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