PDX PIPELINE contributors: the moose

We are gaining contributors all the time now (would you like to?) .

The Moose was the first to contribute directly into this site.

Since then, he's definitely stepped up music coverage here as anyone who's seen the Pampelmoose website would have expected.

A little info about Dave Allen (Moose), from his site:

Dave Allen, bass player for Gang of Four, posts daily on this music blog about well, music. Beyond that the scope embraces popular culture, online distribution, blogs, podcasts, the decline of the music industry and a large dose of what's going on in the vibrant Portland, Oregon music scene. Pampelmoose also offers free and legal music downloads for your enjoyment.

Gang of Four

Besides, dishing out his behind-the-scenes and in-depth (4 hyphen points) music knowledge here, he “also (often) offers free and legal music downloads for your enjoyment” here.

Here are the last 10 or so posts of his on the pipeline:

the future of music — "embrace the new technologies"

Capitol Building L.A. Jay Z and Rick Rubin
(l) Capitol Building L.A. — (r) Jay Z & Rick Rubun – Why so glum guys?.

girl talk gets jiggy with portland

Girl Talk MusicFestNW

the thermals live on kexp at musicfestnw

Hutch The ThermalsThermals

eskimo & sons played our back yard, a video

the last town chorus at the hawthorne theatre

the northwest institute for social change, a dj set podcast

old time relijun delivers the goods

beck, a new single and nothing but..

Beck Timebomb

boy eats drum machine live at nemo design

menomena visit mexico

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  1. The Moose September 16, 2007 at 4:24 pm #

    Julian, thanks for the introduction and thanks for having me over at PDX Pipeline. Any site that benefits the overall arts and culture community of Portland is a truly good thing.


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