September 1st–PDX DNB: Various Bass PDX is Back! Now at BRANX

This was sent over by my good friend MonkeytekDJ:

Monkeytek DJ


deep last winter, we began our various party so we would have a night to play whatever we wants we personally get bored hearing or playing the same thing all night. basically, the idea is to bring a mixed genre party into portland nightlife.

the music: dubstep, jungle, dub and ruckus

various began as a one-off party and has since blossomed into a monthly. we have been holding the night at acme since january and have moved to branx. various takes place every 1st saturday at BRANX– 320 se 2nd avenue.

the sound is deep and bass heavy. it's essential to have this music represented properly. to that end, we employ h.a.s. sound system as often as possible

PDXDNB VariousBass

the players: core duo of monkeytek and ryan organ host various monthly. we are joined a rotation of guests deejays: jon a.d., dial m, e3,rubik, kyle t to name a few.

monkeytek has been hosting a monthly show on since march 2oo6. ryan organ has been hosting a radio show called “the eleventh hour” on KPSU for 3 years.

both gents are involved with record labels as well. ryan operates a web-based mp3 label called ALEUTIAN AUDIO which features some heavy tunes from northwest producers specifically, as well as co-manages the NY left-field drum & bass label Offshore Recordings..
monkeytek operates for the benefit of LO DUBS, also based in portland and has 2 vinyl releases available thus far from the likes of starkey and 6blocc.

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