August 4th: Do Not Cry At Heather's Birthday Party

Tonight is Heather's (aka I Make Ash Street Happen) Birthday. She's a great person–so of course–she having a great party.

Here is a message from Jen Lane (aka I Make Barfly Happen):

Even if you missed Jedediah's Mustache Ride, your Saturday night will be alright if you take your sweet self on down to the Ash Tray for the birthday spectacular for everybody's favorite sound chick, the Ash's own Heather! Not only is my favorite deejay spinning (Deejay Meee-owww – that's me!), but my favorite band is playing (that's Titans of Oblivion), plus two other super-extra-awesome rock and roll tours de force – Death Valley and Ronster. I'm so excited, it's almost like it's my birthday, which I'm sure makes you even more excited about being one of the faceless little people taking up space in the crowd. But enough about me, did I mention I'm deejaying? Or that my favorite band, Titans of Oblivion, is Portland's certifiably tallest band? What about everyone in Death Valley being so fucking hot, they actually make me look even better? And Ronster? Well, if you knew Ronster like I know Ronster, you'd start waxing every part of your body right now, just like me.

Hey, yeah, so that's Heather's Birthday Bash, starring…
Deejay Meee-owww (ME!)
Titans of Oblivion
Death Valley
and Ronster

at the Ash Street (225 SW Ash)
Saturday, August 4th

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