Make Some Clothes Out of Junk and Win $500!

That is the premise behind Junk2Funk. Well, the premise is sustainability and recycling, but that is what you do to get the $500 baby!

Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show Contest
Call to Artists
Entry deadline October 17, 2007

(Portland, Oregon) ­ It is time once again to tear apart those trash bins in hopes of finding the perfect materials to create your submission for the 2nd annual Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show Contest. This year's deadline for submissions is October 17th culminating with the “trashion show” on November 17, 2007 at the Wonder ballroom.

Professional artists, fashion and apparel designers along with members of the
general creative public will not want to miss this truly unique opportunity to
compete for prizes up to $500 in the upcoming Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show Contest. The pieces of wearable art and fashion that are being sought should be made out of found objects, recycled materials and things you normally might find in the trash.

Urbana Faux FaunaCrown Royal GownRiver Raft RendezvousSanta Fe ShakedownOut of CrapricaAluminum Drop Dress and Faux Fir JacketJust Because You Are Wearing Trash Doesn't Mean You Have to be TrashyTree IncarnationAggression ProtectionVictoria's Secret2006 Winners

Oh Yeah–UltraPDX is calling you out too:

Here's our challenge to you. In this second year of the contest-slash-fashion-show with the rhyme-y name, we challenge you to make a garment from discarded materials that looks not like a joke, a clown suit, or a Burning Man project…READ MORE

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