Is the Pearl a Community or a Shopping District or Another City?

NW 10th Ben and Jerry'sAmy is posing an interesting question over at the Peal Insider on whether the Pearl is a community or not.

We'd argue that the Pearl District is a community. Perhaps we don't share a common neighborhood “need” as Row mentions, but we certainly share many similar interests.

Looking down (I guess up) from my inner SE area of Laurelhurst/Sunnyside/Buckman , it would seem that if the Pearl is a community, it is in some lower stage of one–not quite as evolved.

To be fair, the current district does not have nearly the history of neighborhood organization that this area has.

Amy (and others) are definitely working on creating a vibrant community; so if it isn't there–it's on its way. And nothing says community like Cherry Garcia :)

So, weigh in with your thoughts/opinions.

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