I Want Those Twenty G's Please!

3212 SE Pine St 97214Whoa! Big money for someone to design a courtyard! Anyone want to join my team? I take a lot of pics of courtyards :)


The City of Portland, Oregon is sponsoring a competition to revive courtyard housing in the city.
AWARDS: $20,000 in prizes to selected designs
SUBMITTALS DUE: October 24, 2007
SPONSOR: City of Portland, Oregon
ELIGIBILITY: Architects, landscape architects, builders, developers, students and others interested in the competition. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.


The City of Portland invites you to share your ideas on the design possibilities of housing oriented to shared courtyards. Portland is promoting courtyard housing…READ MORE


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  1. Vanessa Scholle July 27, 2007 at 2:11 am #

    i’m in. how do i begin.

    please call me

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