July 25th- PSU Noontime Speaker Series- Jovan Babic (Serbia and Montenegro)

Tomorrow will be another installment of the PSU Lecture Series:

Wednesday, July 25, "Non-Culpable Ignorance and Just War Theory," Jovan Babic (Serbia and Montenegro)
Jovan Babic is professor of philosophy at Belgrade University, Serbia and Montenegro. In 2000, a MacArthur Foundation grant brought him to the U.S. to collaborate on a writing project on the ethical dimensions of transitional justice. While in the states, he spent three years at PSU as a visiting scholar and professor. Since then Babic has returned annually to teach philosophy courses in PSU's Summer Session.

The "Tour the World at Home this Summer" series
noon—1 p.m.
Smith Memorial Student Union
Multicultural Center, room 228 (1825 SW Broadway).
All lectures are free and open to the public.

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