Get Down With the Frenzy–Reading Frenzy's Fundraiser

Reading frenzy storefront illustration by nate beaty

Re-Reading Frenzy: Donate Your Used Books & Magazine for Reading Frenzy Fundraiser!


Please donate your used books, comics and zines for an upcoming fundraiser for Ye Olde Reading Frenzy! We'll be having a used zine smorgasbord during the Portland Zine Symposium (August 11th-12th), and a big book sale as part of our 13th Anniversary celebrations on September 1st. If you're an author, editor and/or publisher and would like to pitch in a few new items (or hurts or overstocks), that's great too! Xtra-Fancy stuff will go up for auction. This is a small, relatively painless way, for a lot of folks to make a cumulatively big contribution towards keeping our good thing going.


You can drop off your donations, any time during business hours (Mon-Sat: 11-7, Sun 12-6). If you're bringing in more than a couple grocery bags full of printed matter, please call in advance to make arrangements — we don't have much storage space! We will find good homes for all the materials donated that we are not able to sell — lending libraries, schools, charity shops, etc. We will be accepting donations through August 31.


If you have any questions, contact Please help spread the word by re-posting this announcement! Thanks in advance for your support!


We are looking for:


* Books, all subjects

* Children's books

* Comics and graphic novels

* Zines, pamphlets, broadsides

* Magazines, alternative/independent, vintage

* Paper ephemera, posters, prints, mail art materials, rubber stamps

* Reading accoutrements: magnifying glasses, reading glasses, book ends, book stands, bookmarks, pipes, slippers, footstools, small lamps

* Blank journals


We are not looking for:


* Outdated textbooks (unless they are vintage and illustrated)

* Old encyclopedia sets (unless they are vintage, illustrated kid's sets)

* Adult series westerns or romances

* Most mainstream glossy magazines

* Most newspapers and freebies

* Original software users manuals


Reading Frenzy

921 SW Oak St.

Portland, OR 97205

(503) 224-7029

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