Friday the 13th, Potter goes drinking, Various at Acme, PIB, Sand in the City

Friday the 13th- a special day for many, and here is ways to make it special for you..First, maybe you will be able to join Mayor Potter at Widmer Brewery for an “nooner”.

Other things to do besides watching Jason stalk people

    More Sound than should be heard by any rational person returnsto ACME. Monkeytek and crew will possibly hold their last VARIOUS featuring the best DubStep, Jungle, and Grime show in the NW (that's right Seattle, I see you dodgeballin this event).
  • Portland's International Brewfest(PIB…not Mr.) kicks off in the Park Blocks
    Event takes place all weekend–This is not the more famous Oregon Brewfest which is coming soon. However, this sports over 100 beers, and apparently some of them are very difficult to find.
  • Yoshida's Sand in the City in Pioneer Courthouse Square
    This will go on all weekend as well. If you have not seen the sculptures and amount of work the teams (from companies like NIKE, Tektronix, W+K, etc) put into them…well, you should really see it.
  • I-bike 205
    I-bike-205 is a cycling event that will accomplish two things: introduce an alternate biking route along I-205 during light rail construction, and celebrate the diverse people in the Portland metro area who ride bikes.
  • We'll be playing dominoes somewhere.

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