July 3 Daily Stank Image Bank–Jesus, Biggie, Eazy-E, Elvis…

Jesus, Biggie, Eazy-E, 2-Pac, Elvis...This is a mural inside the Chesterfield on East Burnside and 11th. It is in a building called The Rocket (pictured below), which was designed and developed by architect Kevin Cavenaugh. Leo Rivera of Larj concepts/Bishops Barbershop is behind the design.

For more information on the architecture, check out the Portland Architecture blog.

There will be an open house on Friday,July 6th from 5:30 to midnight.

Barfly Info:The man behind some of the best and most creative cocktail menus in town, master mixologist, Russell (late of Crush, Besaws), is lending his talents here.
The Chesterfield

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