PdxPipeline is finally on Pownce…and of course, Twitter

I woke up on Wednesday or Thursday morning to see the blogosphere, twitter, digg, etc talking about two subjects: the Iphone andPownce. Pownce is similar to twitter, but with a lot more features. You can share files, and create different lists for instance. It was apparently created by Kevin Rose of Digg.

Of course, I wanted it. Pownce followed the Gmail (and Orkut, early Myspace and whoever else) model and made it invite-only, and I couldn't find anyone with one.

Until Today: It took a few days to get a Pownce invite, but luckily I know people in high(Pownce) places–thank you Netninja. So, if you are lucky enough to get an invite (I think I have one left); you can come on over to pownce and find me here: Pownce.com/PdxPipeline

As always, I have the obligatory twitter account also if you are over there, but twitter seems so March, 2007 right now ;)


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