Tiger Bar's last days – June 29/30

From Seoul Bro. #1:

O…Portland, the end of an era has arrived!!!
The Tiger Bar is being bought up(no more Tiger Bar)…sssssooooooo

You have 2 nights to come on down and check out…

2 nights of MC's, DJ's, and Producers, who've helped shape the Tiger Bar over the last 10 or so. 21 and over, 317 NW Broadway,
$6 each night

Tonite / Friday / June 29
ATM, Pauly Paul, Nik Fury, Jammotron, Ro Deezy, Xavier Burton, Brown Rice, Animal Farm, Deena B, Seoul Brother Numero Uno and King Tim 333

Tomorrow / Saturday June 30
Crate Badgers, Seoul Brother Number 1, Kez, Metro League All Stars, True Consumers, Serge Severe, Unified Theory, IZM, and…

to finally send off the Tiger Bar there will be a break-fest featuring Seoul Bro1, Crate Badgers and Sect, they will play all them breaks you been tryin to figure out on your MP3s, CDs, and ipods… funk jazz rock etc.
a rotating storm of vinyl, each DJ will play 1 record then rotate

See Ya There
Let's send the Tiger Bar off with a bang!!!

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