The Moped/Puddle Cutters people are coming…Moped Jousting!

From Isaac (Moped knowledge man #1):

“I know most of our travelers are coming on Friday.
Thursday's deal with be at The Slammer (500 SE 8th Ave) from about
6-9. We had talked about going to The Bog at 9, but will things
looking short on Thursday, we're still kinda up in the air.”


“Saturday AM we'll be doing a Vegan brunch at Adventureland, followed
by Moped Olympics and Amish races. ”

What are Moped Olympics and Amish Races you ask? Well…

“Moped Olympics usually includes Jousting (from mopeds instead of
horses) and similar tomfoolery. Amish races are a relay race on
mopeds but you're required to pedal instead of using motor power.”

Now, the Friday through Sunday itinerary…

Click pic for larger size…
Moded/Puddle Cutter Itinerary

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