Beer, wine lobby's big clout – Oregonian

Beer, wine lobby's big clout:

“The clout of Oregon's beer and wine distributors hit brewer Lonnie Clement like a loaded delivery truck.

With sales tanking last spring, Clement felt abandoned by Gold River Distributing Inc., the wholesaler that had exclusive rights to put his beer in pubs and restaurants. But when he tried to dump the Medford firm, Clement got a rude surprise: Under state law, the only quick way out was to hand Gold River a fat check.

Clement's tiny Klamath Basin Brewing Co. coughed up $12,000 — and learned a lesson.

'The law's all in the protection of the distributor,' Clement said, 'and not for the brewery at all.'

When it comes to the law, the Oregon Beer and Wine Distributors Association is used to getting its way.”

This does not sound good for our growing micro-brewery industry…definitely worth reading the whole article. I am a big fan of the micro-brewery action going on in our state. In fact, For more on Beer –

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