Albina Community Bank of Portland Oregon

I've been using Albina Community Bank for a year or more after leaving the bad and slow (In my opinion) service of Washington Mutual. Besides the fact that I have never waited more than a couple minutes at this bank (all locations), they really support Portland.

I mainly used the Sandy branch, but now that I am a non-auto (mostly) man, I discovered the Pearl Branch recently since I am working downtown. No offense to Sandy, but the Pearl branch=First Thursday=Cool Art!

I didn't take pics, b/c…it's a bank, but here is info on Albina Community Bank.

Albina Community Bank of Portland Oregon:

One Bank. One Community. One Mission.

Albina Community Bank exists for a reason. Right away, that sets us apart from other folks with a similar package of products, services and return rates.

As one of only 55 community development banks in the country, we were founded to accelerate the redevelopment of N/NE Portland and extend opportunity to the under-served wherever the need exists.

As our mission states: "Albina Community Bank creates hope and financial opportunity for the economically underserved by building lasting banking relationships with those who care most about our community."

We're not here to channel profits to a corporate parent, but to impact lives and open doors for low and middle-income families and small entrepreneurs.

Our focus is street level, person to person, literally building our community from the ground up. We look at the local landscape in more depth, often finding opportunity where others see only risk.”

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