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The Gold Door Jewelry & Art

The Gold Door Jewelry & Art: “The Gold Door has been in Portland, Oregon's historic Hawthorne district for more than ten years. It has since become a landmark and prominent shopping destination. Proprietor Jerry Shover and staff travel to exotic lands seeking beautiful and unusual jewelry, fine, folk and ethnographic art to share with all […]

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Beer Serves America

Beer Serves America: This site details the how beer effects/helps Oregon's economy. You can also search by zip code. But here is a great stat for it's financial impact on Oregon Total: $917,671,880 Almost a billion dollars…a bbbbbiiiillion dollars…nice, I contributed a good bit to that myself…

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The Beer Pipeline Portland Beer Guide provided by

The Beer Pipeline: “ Portland Beer Guide: Portland beer guide 'This guide is designed for Portland area residents and visitors alike.' Breweries & brewpubsEstablishments where beer is made, and may be served, on site. Bars & restaurantsTaverns, corner bars, pubs, restaurants and other places serving an interesting range of specialty beer. British & Irish pubsThere's […]

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MySpace cowboys – September 4, 2006

MySpace cowboys – September 4, 2006: “MySpace's laid-back, anti-authority vibe has everything to do with where its founders came from. DeWolfe, who was raised by two teachers in Portland, Ore., bucked the family tradition by studying business at the University of Washington and then going to USC's Marshall School of Business, while Anderson, whose entrepreneurial […]

Continue Reading Go Go: “Monday, July 24, 2006 Dixie Derby GirlsThe public address announcer at Rollertime Skate Center Sunday night yelled, 'Dixie!' into the microphone. And the 500 or so spectators yelled back in unison, 'Derby!' That's 'Dixie Derby.' As in Huntsville's Dixie Derby Girls roller derbyteam, who were squaring off in a bout with the Atlanta […]

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We agree and we're having Rainiers there right now! – food & drink:“The B-Side is GeniusThe door you've been looking for by Sam Soule for pdxguide.comFebruary 2005 The B-Side632 SE BurnsidePortland OR Sometimes you've just got to say what you feel. After scratching out a variety of exclamatory paragraphs regarding the latest bar to […]

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Mostlandian--Portland is kind of strange, and this goes to show that is true - this weekend

Mostlandian–Portland is kind of strange, and this goes to show that is true – this weekend

“Friday, August 18th, 2006 7pm: Xeroxing9pm: Opening CelebrationMidnight: Computer Hacking Saturday, August 19th, 2006 Noon – 1pm: Navigation, Registration1pm – 2pm: Coffee Making, Cigarette Rolling1:50pm – 2pm: CPR2pm – 4pm: Slam Dunk, Roller Skating, Double Dutch4pm – 6pm: Bow Hunting, Fencing, Cartography5:30pm – 7pm: Cartography viewing6pm – 7pm: Dinner Hour7pm – 9pm: Pig Latin, Tongue […]

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