Shanghai Portland! 2014 Hell on Wheels Halloween Party Bus | 6 Different Venues, Adult Treats, Costumes

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Hell on Wheels Shanghai Portland Bus TourHell on Wheels
October 31, 2014
7PM – 1AM | $30 | 21+
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From the party bus that brought you the Naughty Santa Christmas Crawl, A Singles Party Bus Adventure, New Year’s Party on Wheels, the Shanghai Strip Crawl, and Mardi Gras Portland Style…

Shanghai Portland! presents the HELL ON WHEELS Halloween Pub Crawl!!

Try to keep your costumes on! We’ve saved the greatest holiday for last – Halloween marks a full year for us of sold-out holiday events! And when we Shanghai you onto our party bus, you’ll find out why!

With plenty of fun music blasting, spooky party lights, and other ghastly treats that you’re welcome to bring along, we’ll take a wild Halloween party of 45 Trick ‘r Treaters all over the city for tasty adult treats from around 6 different bars & venues. This party is not for the faint of heart (or liver) and tickets are going REAL fast!

Buy now via website or Facebook page and we’ll send you the centrally located meetup spot!