2015 Portland Halloween Pumpkin Festival @ Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm | Haunted Hay & Corn Maze, Paintball Zombie Hunt, Mud Run, Brewfest

From our sponsors:
Wooden Shoe Pumpkin FestWooden Show Pumpkin Fest
September 25-October 31, 2015
More info: woodenshoe.com

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
33814 S. Meridian Rd., Woodburn, OR 97071

It’s been a long, hot summer so there’s no better way to celebrate the first weekend in autumn than down on the farm. The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm will host hundreds of families as they celebrate Pumpkin Fest from September 25 through October 31.This year kicks off the first ever, Mud, Sweat and Beers 5K run and Brewfest, on October 3 at the Farm, presented by the Woodburn Rotary to benefit the Woodburn Boys and Girls Club.

“We are thrilled we can add to our offerings this year with the 5K run and brew fest on October 3rd, while still offering all the family-friendly hands on activities our visitors have come to expect for more than an entire month,” said Barb Iverson, owner, Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. “And of course, we’re expecting zombies to make their annual visit during October’s Fields of Terror. So, now is the time to practice your paintball skills.”

Pumpkin Fest Activities

Archery practice range: Archery is one of the most popular events at the Pumpkin Festival. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, archers can practice on the range with foam tipped arrows.

Archery Tag: In the spirit of dodge ball, archery tag is a group activity that uses foam tipped arrows to “tag”, all opposing players or hit all targets on their target board.

Other activities:

All days:      

  • Duck races
  • Tube slide
  • Pedal trykes
  • Hay pile/tunnel & slide
  • Spider web
  • Horse swings
  • Five-acre walking corn maze
  • Scavenger/chicken hunt
  • Rope the cow
  • Plant a tulip

Friday-Sundays only:

  • Pumpkin cannon
  • Cow train corn maze ride
  • Hay tractor ride
  • Paintball gallery*

*First handful free, extra paint available: 50 paint for $5.00

Activity tents: Hands on tents and information exploring some of the different crops that grow on the farm:

    • Tulips – Help plant the tulip bulbs.
    • Roping station – Neighbor’s cows got out and need to be roped home.
    • Can the beans – Toss the bean seed into the cans.
    • Grass seed table – Till, harvest and load the grass seed for market.
    • Corn box – Play in some of our farm-grown corn.
    • Wheat grinder – Grind some of our wheat to make flour.
    • Hazelnut box – Dig in the nuts to find the Golden Hazelnut

Fields of Terror

For the popular Fields of Terror, the bravest visitors (suggested 13-and-over) are boarded onto a hay wagon and taken to the fire pit holding area. From there visitors will either climb into the Zombie Hunter, take a ride in the haunted corn maze or walk the terrorizing hay maze. The Fields of Terror activities take place on Friday and Saturday evenings from October 3 through October 31.

About Wooden Shoe Farm

The Iverson Family Farm started in 1950 with the marriage of Ross & Dorothy Iverson and their purchase of the main farm. In 1974, the family began growing tulips and by the early 1980, the acreage had expanded to 15 acres.  In 1983, Wooden Shoe Bulb Company (changed to Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in 2001) was formed to market bulbs on a retail level.  In1985, it opened the tulip fields for the weekend to the public. Today, the fields are open for an entire month twice a year, in the spring for the Tulip Festival and the fall for the Pumpkin Festival.   It is also open from March to December on weekends for wine tasting.  More information can be found at woodenshoe.com.